music & lyrics Petri Kaivanto
© & Ⓟ Prontosaurus 2020


Petrópolis is made of my international collaborations and songs in different languages over 20 years or so. Putting this together has been literally quite a trip and hopefully there will be another album, since this was not enough to clear my drawer. Due to the pandemia restrictions I had to concentrate on the songs which I could finish without travelling to any studio. But after all, thanks to the pandemia and "corona unemployment" I started this project. I produced and sang again most of the songs in 2020. Biggest thanks belong to my wife as well to my ex-wife, and of course, to all the co-authors adn contributors to these recordings. Only the "bonus tracks", duets with Milana, are the original masters from 2004.

Different languages lead to different rhythms and languages affects the sound a lot. On this album there are two songs which were written originally in a different language. It's not at all easier to write cover lyrics to a song of your own than to somebody else's song.